"Micro-combined heat and power is the panacea for renewable energy generation
    from biomass. These systems offer the promise of being over 90% efficient, because
    electricity generated in the home displaces electricity normally brought in from the
    grid system. On average only 35% of the energy produced in a power station can be
    used in the home, while 65% is lost during the generation and transportation process.

    Our early efforts to develop a micro-chp system focused on the development of
    technology that is capable of removing all the moisture from the biomass, which
    enables significant gains in energy density. Once we were able to overcome this
    issue we turned our attention to sourcing an engine to generate electrical power
    which was capable of adding to the improvements achieved from the dry biomass.
    After more than 3 years of research, discussion and testing we settled on the
    Green Turbine™ as the best option to deliver the promise of biomass-based

    Richard Edwards, Founder and Business development director at Black Mountain

    Black Mountain Wood Fuels is a company located in the United Kingdom with more
    than 25 years experience on the global woodfuel market. They have developed a
    proven torrefaction technology. Black Mountain Woodfuels is currently developing
    a range of biomass gasifiers to produce between 5-25kWe.