"We have been searching for an external combustion generator for a long time and finally found the reliable answer we were looking for. In any application needed
    to transform heat (fuel burn or recoverable) into usable energy the Green Turbine™ is the solution.

    We have been using the Green Turbine™ in a micro
    combined heat and power application and the versatility,
    ease of use, and its quietness make this the answer for
    our electrical power generator. We plan to commercialize 1.4KWe and 15KWe combined heat and power units,
    and for us the Green Turbine™ is the ONLY solution.

    There is no other product like this on the market hands down. There is no more waiting for the next big thing in small scale power production, it has arrived, and it's called a GREEN TURBINE™"

    Mike Cocuzza, President of Enviro Power LLC

    Enviro Power LLC is an American company that creates revolutionary multi fuel capable electric generator platforms. These fuels can consist,but aren't limited to, natural gas, LP, biomass, syngas from plastic gasitication, etc. Their main platform is a combined heat and power unit. This can provide both the electrical and thermal loads desired, to provide maximum energy use out of the fuel. Typical applications can be used in residential, commercial, industrial, or as backup power.